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Local Casting of Terrazzo

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Terrazzo Repairs

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Terrazzo Works for New and Renovation Projects Across Finland

From urban high-value properties to giant supermarkets in towns.

Our company, Mocoma Oy, specializes in terrazzo and stone works. We cast new floors, install stairs, and repair existing surfaces. We carry out small and challenging tiling works using our own manufactured tiles.

We successfully handle all kinds of projects, from the restoration of floors in heritage buildings to new casts in large shopping centers and small repair patches. We are capable of creating unique, beautiful compositions and manufacturing, for example, decorative terrazzo tiles.

Our strengths include flexibility, adhering to schedules, and delivering a finished result that doesn’t require post-completion corrections. We have received much praise from our clients and partners for these practices. We mainly collaborate with leading construction companies like Hartela, NCC, Fira, YIT, and SRV.

What kind of project do you have that needs the expertise in terrazzo? Contact us, we serve nationwide.

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Some of Our Projects Over the Years

  • A-Kuivaus Oy, Prisma, Joensuu: terrazzo floor grinding
  • YIT, Leppävaara: terrazzo tiling of floors and rest levels
  • Murto & Kallio Oy, Kasarmikatu 12, Helsinki: terrazzo stair treads and levels as local casting
  • YIT, Nummen Service Center, Hämeenlinna: terrazzo tiling of stairway floors and rest levels, installation of stair treads
  • SRV, TAYS Expansion, Tampere: terrazzo tiling of stairway floors and rest levels

And much more, ask us about our projects!

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