Casting of Terrazzo Floors and Stairs

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We Install Terrazzo Floors and Stairs in New Buildings

From high-value properties to shopping centers across the whole of Finland.

Local casting of terrazzo floors and installation of stairs are successful in all kinds of new constructions that require particularly durable and impressive surfaces. Shopping centers, public spaces, floor levels, staircases, column spiral stairs and other types of stairs, entrance halls, mat wells, and lobbies are among our projects. Terrazzo products can also be installed throughout in renovated properties, where smaller terrazzo repairs are made as needed.

We can fulfill individual requests by mixing different colors and stone aggregates into the terrazzo mix. Finishes are done with the desired gloss level and coarseness.

We also manufacture and install terrazzo tiling using semi-dry technology or adhesive binding. Implementations in historical sites can be done with the original appearance. In addition, we do installations of dry-pressed tiles and natural stones with all fixing methods.

We mainly work with leading construction companies such as Hartela, NCC, Fira, YIT, and SRV. We also serve other clients.

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