Terrazzo Stair Treads

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We Manufacture Various Stair Treads from Terrazzo

We also make other products – all custom-made, of course.

In addition to comprehensive terrazzo projects, you can order terrazzo stair treads from us, whether for a property that has already accrued value and age or for a brand-new site. All types of models are possible, and we equip the treads with various non-slip surfaces and attention stripes as needed. Repairs of existing treads are also feasible.

Besides stair treads, we manufacture many other terrazzo elements, such as:

  • pillar bases
  • stringer boards
  • spiral staircases
  • window sills.

We carefully measure for each project using templates, and there are a vast array of options for coloration.

Residential buildings, shopping centers, public spaces, whatever the project, ask us. Our service area covers the whole of Finland.

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